Irrigation Management

The Hydro-Irrigation solution is an irrigation machine that includes numerous characteristics that make it unique. It is not limited to a fixed number of valves, it can manage from 6 valves to hundreds of them. With irrigation times, overlay times, programmable sectors and over 500 available programs, the combinations are unlimited.

Waterings can be triggered per hour, day of the week, day of month and day intervals. Watering times can vary in function of the accumulated solar radiation, medium temperature, rain and any combination of these values. With the flow rates system estimated by valve or sector, it is possible to receive an alert and stop the irrigation if anormal values are reached. It allows a grid association of the units so that a huge number of valves can be managed in an integrated manner. To the dosage management of fertigation and the watering plan in a unified way, it can be combined with the Hydro-Ferti solution.

Advantages of the communication with:

  • Pumping Station – Definition of the pressure objective according to the sector that needs to be irrigated, automatic irrigations´ reprogramming in function of water availability when there are malfunctions in pumps, etc.
  • Weather Station – Data acquisition to adjust watering in function of the actual weather forecast, etc.
  • Environmental Control System for Greenhouses – In irrigation by nebulization (for example) it is possible to coordinate the greenhouses´openings with the irrigation in function of the wind and other parameters.
  • Monitoring systems and equipment control (cold rooms, etc…) – irrigation postponement or equipment stop, to control energy consumption, allowing to avoid equipments´ simultaneity operation that can gerate energy consumptions above defined values.


Fertigation method

Fertigation consists in the application of fertilizers on the cultivations through the irrigation water. It is a practice with enormous advantages in saving water and fertilizers. The fertilizers´ concentration to inject vary from cultivation to cultivation and they are chosen by the user of the system. Physically, the dosage of those fertilizers is done through pumps and injection valves that dose the concentration in a mixing vat. Posteriorly, the mixture is injected in the irrigation conduct by a pump, so that it can be distributed through the water.

The reliability and efficiency of fertigation depends on the equipments´correct control so that the concentrations can be maintained on the ideal levels.

With Hydro-Ferti is easy and safe to control your fertigation. With pH levels, conductivity and instantaneous flow rates graphics you will be able to analyze posteriorly the data of your irrigation system and do the necessary adjusts. In case there is a malfunction in the equipment you will be advertised through your phone so that you can fix the problem immediately. Program your objectives according to schedules, days of the week and other quantities monitored by the system.

It can be used simultaneously with the Hydro-Irrigation in order to coordinate your irrigation system in an easy way, these two solutions constitute a powerful irrigation management system with unlimited expansion capacities.


  • pH control and conductivity by setting method in time or PID controller;
  • Definition of the proportionality of the fertilizers;
  • Capacity for 4 pumps and injection valves of fertlizers and 1 pump and one acid injection valve;
  • 2 deposits per fertilizer, making a total of 8;
  • Deposits ventilation´s control;
  • Vat pump control with detection of minimum and maximum level;
  • Protection against misreads, additionally installing a pH probe and one of conductivity;
  • Manual control of any equipment by software;
  • Automatic definition of objectives and beginning of irrigation in function of timetables, days of the week, solar radiation, or any other quantity that is being monitored by the system;
  • Graphics and history of the pH data, conductivity, watering durations, flow rates, etc.
  • Possibility of reviewing an irrigation that has already been done through the time machine functionality;
  • SMS alerts in case of equipment malfunction or unreliable readings;
  • Automatic system stop in case there is a failure in the priority equipment;
  • Multi-user system with definition of the privilege levels, for example, it can be given the privilege of initiating an irrigation, but not of changing the pH and conductivity objectives;
  • It can be used simultaneously with the other solutions, based on the Hydro-Monitor, increasing the system´s functionalities;
  • All the advantages of the Hydro-Monitor are available, without restriction, customized reports and SMS alerts, customized graphics, data history, programs, etc.
  • Precision Agriculture “Variable Rate Technology” (VRT).