Hydro – Ambi Control

HYDRO NATURE´s environmental controls solution allows to integrate the control of the most used equipment in greenhouses in a single central and expendable solution.

It is a flexible product that you can control, from one greenhouse roof to several greenhouses with numerous equipments. It is highly customizable and adapts itself to any real life situation.

It can incorporate a weather bureau that gives all the information to a precise controller of the temperature, relative humidity and protection against strong winds and heavy rain.

Environmental control system´s features:

  • Control of the greenhouse´s interior temperature by range or defined objective;
  • Control of the greenhouse´s interior relative humidity by range or defined objective taking into account specific air humidity;
  • Definition of the priorities in the use of equipments for temperature control or relative humidity;
  • Correction of the temperature objective influenced by dew temperature;
  • Correction of the temperature objective influenced by solar energy accumulated during the day;
  • Control of a heating water tank by a fix heating ramp, defined goal or automatic heating ramp;
  • Control of boilers in a echelon form or not.
  • Definition of the start-up order of the boilers.
  • Alarm detection of high values of carbon dioxide, wind, malfunction of equipment, etc.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of motorized windows, motorized mixing valve, heat shield, circulation pumps, dehumidifiers, boilers, etc.
  • Cost control taking into account spending values in electric energy consumption and in the boiler fuel.
  • Fully expandable system in probes and equipment.